5. Human-Centered Design For Developers

One thing I love about design principles (like SOLID, YAGNI, or SoC) is that they become engrained into your professional way of ensuring a baseline of good structural code quality.

If you've ever run a situation where you weren't sure if you were doing things correctly, design principles sit in the back of your mind like a voice of reason.

Rules are shortcuts to principles. In this book, we present a number of rules, but only as an easier way to remember how to implement the underlying principles. As we get better over time, we'll feel a lot more confident breaking the rules. This comes when we know what the implications of breaking them are, and what we need to do to pull the code back into best practice

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This is an online wiki and book about the basics of software design and architecture with TypeScript by Khalil Stemmler, Developer Advocate @ Apollo GraphQL .

This book’s mission is to teach developers the essential skills and practices to write testable, flexible, and maintainable code.

You can read more about the learning journey in the "Software Design and Architecture Roadmap 🖼️".

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